Let us keep the doors of schools and colleges open at all times. Citizens right to education must be respected.
In Year BC, our great fore fathers says “Education is better than Silver and Gold” and “Education is the key to success” In Sierra Leone, education is not a top priority on the agenda of politicians.
General Elections are approaching, beware of politics of deception.
Education is the key to prosperity. Let us promote prosperity through education.
Government should make the financial resources available to students in order for them to achieve the highest level of education.
In Sierra Leone, the standard of learning at all levels is low.
Students were denied taking examinations because of school fees which they clearly cannot afford to pay.
With the current economic situation in our country, it is believed that free education is realistic.
Government should use the natural resources of the country to promote education.
Education leads to prosperity.
It is clear now that students in Sierra Leone are struggling and not being able to pay tuition or school fees. 
This is mainly caused by the fact that unemployment is at it pick in Sierra Leone. The number of people without jobs is high. The majority of parents are living in abject poverty.
Parents of the students don’t have jobs. The parents depend on immediate family or distance relatives who are bread winners or are fortunate to be overseas and are willing to help. This is how it has been a very long time in the country. 
It is as simple as no bread winner in the family , no education for family members. Drop out from school is obvious. The higher the number of drop outs the higher the number of illiteracy. Illeteracy is the enemy of prosperity.
Do you support FREE EDUCATION in Sierra Leone?

About Patric Foryoh

Patric Foryoh Daboh is a blogger, Political, social activist,a satirist and co-founder & Co Editor of Makoni Times Newspaper based in United States of America. He studied Multimedia in the United States.He has met and interviewed personalities including Former vice-president of Sierra Leone Alhaji Sam Sumana, late Tamba Sam SLPP Secretary General , Gloria Strasser , David Tam Mbayoh , Agibu Jalloh, Chernor Bah, Murtala Mohamed , Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray, J. Arr, Nasser Ayoub, Alpha Timbo, Robin Farley, Bai Mahmoud, and many more. Patric has produced the "Diolog" show at the TPN radio and was the social media correspondent for TPN . He has appeared on numerous daily newspapers publication in Sierra Leone. He blogs at Sierra Leone one man civil society blog on relationship, sex, marriage, faith & culture, politics, religion. He was the programming manager at Mamba TV. Patric Foryoh was named as the 54 Most Influential People in Sierra Leone by Swit Salone.com Patric Foryoh represents the new wave of new voices in Sierra Leone/Africa media who are breaking boundaries and charting new territories. He is a husband and a father of a son and a daughter.

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