The Deputy Women’s Leader of the All People’s Congress (APC) in Kenema District in the person of Madam FATMATA Baby Jayah was beaten up by some alleged APC Thug Women on the 4th February 2017 in front of the Presidential Lodge at Reservation Road during the time H. E. The president Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma made a visit in Kenema. 


   According to findings gathered, Madam FATMATA Baby Jayah, the Kenema District APC Deputy Women’s Leader was asked by the APC Kenema District Executive Members to join them engage H. E. Ernest Koroma a party executives since the Chairlady was not around. Findings further revealed that she joined the APC Chairman Mr. Prince Kamara and others to see the president. They succeeded seeing the president and upon their returned to the gate at the Presidential Lodge Madam FATMATA Baby Jayah, Deputy APC Women Leader met some APC women at the gate where Isata Farmah, ISATU Koroma, ISATU Kamara wife of the Town Speaker in Kenema City and others were at the gate waiting for their deputy women’s leader. Sooner they saw the woman coming they allegedly grabbed the woman, stabbed her, tore her clothing and stripped her naked in front of the public at that night. They left the scene of crime unarrested with all the presence of Security officers. The woman reported the matter to the Police station for redress but nothing has been seen happening according to findings. 
Speaking to the APC Kenema District Chairman, Mr. Prince Kamara who was so angry told me that after seeing President Koroma he was bit slow before coming to the gate where he met Madam FATMATA Baby Jayah bleeding profusely with her clothing tore. He saw the accused persons and asked but was told that because Madam FATMATA Baby Jayah did not wait to go with them to see President Koroma but rather went with the District Executives that was why she was flogged for betraying them. Chairman Prince Kamara further revealed that he was with the notion that the accused persons and the victim are all vying for the Position of the APC women’s Leader but promised to institute a committee to look into the matter and if found them (accuse persons) wanting they will face the disciplinary action of the party since the party is not a lawless party and will not stand by and see people spoiling the good reputation of the party. He further maintained that party members are becoming unbecoming recently by engaging themselves on hooliganism which is not good. He assured the general public that the law will bit the accused persons if found wanting. ‘Due to the situation of the woman at the moment I met her bleeding and her clothing were tore I saw it as a total lawlessness especially when it happened in front of the presidential Lodge. That speaks volumes to showcase to the public that we do not have respect for the president and explains that the party is lawless. Any big party stakeholder who is supporting this kind of lawless is not good and we must put a stop to it. I am always peaceful to people but I don’t know why my party members are becoming so lawless’, Mr. Prince Kamara APC Chairman Kenema speaks. 


Even though some Party members of the APC in Kenema are casting blames on the Police for the delayed response to the matter even through AIG Karrow denied having knowledgeable over the matter and until when the woman and her husband went to see him at his office yesterday evening. He said some APC party big weight politicians telephoned him not to charge the matter to court since it has a political flavor. AIG Karrow Kamara promised of doing the right thing and will never listen to any politician that may want to mislead him from not doing his good work. 
Some party members in Kenema strongly blamed some party top people for pampering some lawless members within the party in the name of supporting them. They said last UMARU Farmah was accused of beaten up the APC district Secretary General, One Mr. James Bull, flogged one Mr. Ismael Sesay, recently accused of Publicly beaten up a party senior Member’s wife KARMOH LAHAI wife Madam Matteneh Sesay during a marriage party at the Eastern Polytechnic Compound. He was accused of being so hooligan within the party which sometimes last prompted the APC Kenema Youth League to write a Letter of complain and Condemnation of the Party District Youth Chairman, UMARO Farmah who was accused of being so hooligan. One of these three accused women Isata Farmah was claimed to be the sister of UMARO Farmah who is bragging of having big connection within the Party big authorities. 
All effort were made to reach the accused women remains fruitless. Some people alleged that they are on the run to Freetown to solicit support from some party big guns. Some youths and women told me that if these people go scout free they will demonstrate against certain big party authorities that want to spoil the party in this kind of lawlessness of flogging party members. 
Contacting the husband of one of the three suspects, Chief Francis Kallon, Town Speaker Kenema City, he said the matter is political and the police are handling the matter. He asked what is the business of journalists in the matter? 

Details coming later .

About Patric Foryoh

Patric Foryoh Daboh is a blogger, Political, social activist,a satirist and co-founder & Co Editor of Makoni Times Newspaper based in United States of America. He studied Multimedia in the United States.He has met and interviewed personalities including Former vice-president of Sierra Leone Alhaji Sam Sumana, late Tamba Sam SLPP Secretary General , Gloria Strasser , David Tam Mbayoh , Agibu Jalloh, Chernor Bah, Murtala Mohamed , Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray, J. Arr, Nasser Ayoub, Alpha Timbo, Robin Farley, Bai Mahmoud, and many more. Patric has produced the "Diolog" show at the TPN radio and was the social media correspondent for TPN . He has appeared on numerous daily newspapers publication in Sierra Leone. He blogs at Sierra Leone one man civil society blog on relationship, sex, marriage, faith & culture, politics, religion. He was the programming manager at Mamba TV. Patric Foryoh was named as the 54 Most Influential People in Sierra Leone by Swit Salone.com Patric Foryoh represents the new wave of new voices in Sierra Leone/Africa media who are breaking boundaries and charting new territories. He is a husband and a father of a son and a daughter.

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