PPRC Meets with Chief Kapen

Sierra Leone News : PPRC Meets with Chief Kapen

By A Special Reporter
In order to address issues of concern within members of the main opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP), commissioners of the Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC) have on Thursday 2nd February, 2017 held a meeting with a cross section of Chief Bai Shebora Somano Kapen II led executive in the National Electoral Commission (NEC) Edifice in Freetown.


In a press release signed by Acting National Publicity Secretary of SLPP, Imran Silla maintained that Commissioner Muctaru Williams who chaired the meeting welcomed Chief Kapen and referred to him as the chairman and leader of SLPP. Commissioner Williams, he said, stated that the PPRC has now a quorum and ready to deal with political parties.


In his statement, Chief Kapen thanked the Commissioners for calling the meeting and also welcoming the new Commissioner, Babatunde D.R. Pratt to the Commission, the release stated. He furthered that, Chief Kapen went on to raise issues of concern to him as the vast majority of SLPP members and sympathizers.


“It is of grave concern that Commissioner Muctaru Williams called Chief Kapen as the Chairman and Leader of SLPP and yet Commissioners have subordinate like Zainad Umu Moseray who clearly on a collision course with her bosses, this brings into question the credibility of the PPRC” Acting Publicity Secretary, Imran Silla slammed.


The Commissioners however assured the Somano Kapen lead executive to get back to them in earnest now that they have a quorum.
Amongst the commissioners that where present were, N’faah Conteh, Muctaru Williams, Babatunde Pratt and Secretary to the Haja Seray Kallay. On the side of Chief Kapen was accompanied by a cross section of his executive, Acting National Secretary General, Mr. Mohamed Massaquoi; Mr. Joseph Maada Kpulun, Deputy National Chairman and Leader; SI Fofanah, Regional Secretary North and the Acting National Publicity Secretary, Imran Silla.

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  1. Some success in certain positions can be achieved through effort and skill with none absence of luck. Mr. Prince Herding is our acting chairman.


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