Summary of PW1 cross examination by Tejan Sie Esq:

Summary of PW1 cross examination by Tejan Sie Esq:

By Mahmud Tim Kargbo
Tejan Sie: Did you swear an affidavit dated 16th December 2016. 
Kapen: Yes my lord
Tejan Sie: Can you see the affidavit? 

Kapen: Yes 
Affidavit pass over to the defendant legal team and it was notice that it wasn’t signed. Judge asked that it must be signed. Chairman and leader Kapen was asked to read the affidavit which was exhibited and marked BSS3. 

Tejan Sie: BSS4 contain rules and regulations of the party and were any elections conducted under BSS4? 

Kapen: No elections were conducted using BSS4
Tejan Sie: Did you gazette BSS4 out of your volition? 
Kapen: We were to conducted elections on the 17 January 2016. On the 15th same month I received a letter from PPRC that we failed to complied with the PPA Act 2002 and that I should send an electronic copy of those rules and regulations to comply with section 24 of e said Act. With that effect I had to put on hold all elections until we satisfy the requirement. And as a political party we duty bound under section 35 under sub section 2 from the 1991 constitution for which am the custodian. 
Tejan Sie: So you went by the requirement of PPRC submitted as exhibited KSS4? 

Kapen: Yes my lord
Tejan Sie: After the completion of KSS4 did Anything happen? 

Kapen: They published 
Tejan Sie: I refer you to paragraph 12. Did you as chairman and leader has anything to do with those objections? 

Kapen: We were invited by PPRC in a letter dated 19th April inviting national officials in a meeting that was scheduled for Thursday 21 April 2015. There were so many objectors that the Commission thought it expedient to appoint a national committee with five from national officers and five from the objectors.
Tejan Sie: Do you remember the appointees? 

Kapen: Yes my lord 
Tejan Sie: can you name them? 
Kapen: Yes my lord

Dr. Abass Bundu, Acting Secretary General, Edward Suluku regional chairman south and Women leader Madam LuLu Sheriff and myself as the fifth member. 
The objectors also John O Benjamine former chairman and leader, Ambassador Foday Darboh, Alpha Timbo, Mohamed Fofanah and anyway I can’t remember the fifth person, but the records are there
Tejan Sie: Do you want me to jug your memory? 

Kapen: Yes my lord 

Tejan Sie: is that fifth person Sahr Nyama? 

Kapen: Yes 
Tejan Sie: Who chaired that committee? 

Kapen: I was the chairman 
Judge caution Mr. Sie that his questions doesn’t sound like cross examining. Mr. Sie reply they aren’t like cross examinations because am getting the answers that I want and the other side is getting antagonistic because am getting the answers I want.
Tejan Sie: Where any internal elections conducted using ESS6? 

Kapen: Yes my lord and they were conducted because I have to convey a NEC meeting. 4th June I conveyed a NEC meting and a time line was approved based on the said rules. The elections of the zonal section commenced on the 18th June zonal and section elections were held and 25th June chiefdom elections. And the mood was by consensus. It came out very clearly that thousand of fake membership cards were discovered and it was agreed at that meeting that cards shouldn’t be used at zonal section and chiefdom level elections. After the chiefdom elections there were multitude of complains about irregularities. 
Judge: is that reference on the exhibit? 

Kapen: Yes my lord

Tejan Sie: Who looked in to those irregularities? 

Chairman Kapen: The PPRC and he ten man committee

Tejan Sie: Did they make any recommendations? 

Kapen: Yes, 81 constituencies were given a clean sheet and 31 constituencies were asked to be rerun. And this was against the rules and regulations and recommendations by PPRC in a letter that was sent to the Acting Secretary General 
Tejan Sie: Concerns were made to you regarding the compilation and authentication of the voters list and what was it? 

Kapen: The acting Secretary General issued an internal memo which was exhibited 21st November and it was this internal memo that ignited this whole ugly saga. 
Tejan Sie: Among others what are the key instructions in that memo. He failed to quote the amended rules and regulations of the already accepted rules of the SLPP 1995 amended constitution. 
The gaizzeted rules reads the electoral rules for all local elections should be authenticated by the regional chairman and duly published, displayed and circulated by the executive chairman. To take in to account the intent and spirit of the SLPP amended 1995 constitution as clearly spelt in +4e and F.

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