Archive | November 30, 2016


Information available to us seems to suggest that the sacked Chairman of the EDSA Board of Directors, received a staggering $250,000(Two Hundred Fifty Thousands United State Dollars) from PEC in order to facilitate their operation as a super vendors for prepaid meters in Sierra Leone. What baffles us is the revelation that Mr. Sanusi Deen […]

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APC Kalokoh Movement In Disarray 

APC Kaloko By Arthur Ben Tucker  The ruling All People’s Congress (APC), Lungi chapter of lawyer Abu Bakarr Kalokoh’s movement is embroiled in crisis due to endless grudge between the chairman and the Chairlady. It was a day of pocket of protests in Lungi yesterday as APC Kalokoh came into the country and it took […]

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President Koroma Is A Realist Not A Failure

*President Koroma Is A Realist Not A Failure* By Mohamed Sankoh (One Drop) The Screamer was screamingly screaming blue murder. And to make the banner more screaming, the Salone Times newspaper of Monday 28 November 2016 coloured the headline in red—the official colour of the ruling All People’s Congress (APC). And to make the headline […]

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