Archive | November 20, 2016

Poor Theresa: How A School Girl Found Herself In A Sierra Leonean Jail

Sierra Leone has endured an unfair existence since the death of Sir. Milton Margai, the only post-independence Sierra Leonean leader who governed with an unwavering commitment to the rule of law and the welfare of his people. Sir Milton insisted on establishing a post-independence political foundation based on a government of the people, for the […]

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Sylvia Blyden blasts Information Minister Mohamed Bangura over the arrest of Theresa

19th November 2016: OPEN LETTER TO HON. MOHAMED BANGURA, THE MINISTER OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS Dear Honourable Minister, I write to express my sincere frustration over your failure and inability to maintain very good external relationship between the people and the Government of Sierra Leone. Upfront, let me recall an example of your cultivating bad […]

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