Sylvia Blyden Accuses APC Government Of Sabotage, Corruption And Incompetence  

Controversial Minister of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs, Dr. Sylvia Blyden, writing in a social media forum has accused the government of President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma of sabotaging her.
Dr. Blyden made the accusation on Wednesday morning around 8.30AM on the Media Junction platform for which she is the administrator. She made the allegation after the editor of her Awareness Times newspaper had lied in one of the paper’s publications that the United Nations had endorsed her stance on ‘Bondo’ and FGM.
In that same publication, Dr. Blyden’s Awareness Times wrongly targeted the Deputy Minister of Social Welfare for attack by erroneously reporting that she was sabotaging her boss, Dr. Blyden and the APC government.
However, many supporters of the ruling APC government have asked: Dr. Sylvia Blyden or the government, who is sabotaging the other?
It is known that since her appointment as minister by His Excellency, the President, Dr. Blyden has been a thorn in the flesh of senior staff in the Social Welfare ministry. 
Running a dictatorial one-woman show, Dr. Blyden rides roughshod over ministry officials and sees her deputy as a sworn enemy when both of them are supposed to work peacefully and harmoniously in pushing forward the ministry’s agenda.  
“Dr. Sylvia Blyden is an embarrassment to the President and the APC,” one senior APC official confided. “She fears her shadow because she has made many enemies inside the party that is why she is lying that the APC government is sabotaging her. Dr. Blyden should pay attention,” he ended.          

Read the article by Sylvia Blyden’s Awareness Times below:

_Critical Issues on Children, Women, Disables, Old People, Vulnerables, etc. etc. languish woefully for Sierra Leoneans as_

*APC-led Govt of President Koroma is yet to Disburse a Single Cent in 2016 towards critical Social Welfare Needs of Sierra Leoneans*
Awareness Times newspaper can confirm that the report in Global Times of October 13th 2016, is virtually accurate in so far as it concerns the total non-financing of programmes and operations at the Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs. This editor is himself a member in the said journalists group and witnessed the entire conversation exchange between the MSWGCA minister and her journalist friends, around the ministry staff’s performance at the recent open budget hearing.
However, it is not true that the minister said it was sabotage by the APC party itself. Rather the minister specifically stated that her detractors were destroying the APC party and the vision of the President. 
She wrote that some of her detractors were indeed APC members but that such APC members were described by her to be “huge liabilities to both APC and the Presidency” all because of their insecurities that she was too popular for their comfort. 
Also in sharp contrast to claims that she only signed PETS forms for her travels, the reality as confirmed by this newspaper is that the ministry has sent a large number of PETS forms to Accountant General and Finance Ministry but they have not been honoured. 
About financing her overseas trips, she even complained, “Even to travel, it was because the trips were ordered by Cabinet and His Excellency.”
So whilst some of the slant of the article is not true but the thrust that not a single penny has been given to MSWGCA for operations and programmes, is correct. One Hundred Percent CORRECT!
Therefore, many people who read the article in Global Times have expressed anger, utter shock, dismay and disgust that the APC-led government of President Koroma could treat such an important ministry responsible for vulnerable citizens with such wickedness. They are calling on the President to pay special attention to the ministry. 
Many citizens are however holding the minister Hon. Dr. Blyden, in very high esteem for taking money from her personal funds just so as to ensure issues around vulnerable citizens are given some attention. 
This newspaper continues to keep a very close eye on developments within both the Koroma government as a whole and the ministry specifically. It is not too long ago that threats were made that the minister will be made to fail if she did not encourage corrupt and patently disloyal civil servants. 
The Social Welfare ministry is embedded with deep seated corruption. Just this week it has emerged that a certain donor partner was duped into releasing over one hundred million leones to corrupt elements at the ministry in the name of holding a workshop for religious leaders to fight against the activities of Bondo women. 
The money totaling Le107,562,000.00 was collected and chopped without any workshop held and it was all done without knowledge or approval of the Honourable Minister. The theft only came to light with a letter from the said donor agency. 
“The President seems to be underestimating the serious damage to his legacy by allowing some of these sabotage and corruption to continue unabated. Imagine the ministry responsible for welfare of our children, women, old people, disables, Ebola survivors, is not given a single dime from January to October. Not a single cent. This is a total disgrace and the height of extreme wickedness,” protested Mr. Leo J. Conteh, an APC activist from Koinadugu.
© Awareness Times Newspaper.
– Please feel very free to reshare. Maybe when we share it all over, something will be done to end the laisse faire attitude towards ending the glaring UNDERMINING, clear SABOTAGE and extreme WICKEDNESS of those who are pulling the strings of continued corruption and frustrating a visionary female minister from succeeding.

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