Corruption in Sierra Leone – A way forward

Authored By: Charles Hubbard Jr

Edited/Published By: Mamadu Juma Bah


Charles Hubbard Jr.


The issue of corruption continues to be a major problem for Sierra Leone. The Government of Sierra Leone believes they are doing their best to tackle this problem. Unfortunately, citizens are convinced that rampant individual and institutional corruption  is on the increase  and that the Government are all talk but no real action. Therefore, Charles Hubbard Jr. a Sierra Leonean living in the Diaspora decided to weigh in on the discussion and offer his  opinion on some tangible solutions to addressing the endemic corruption in Sierra Leone.


It is a known fact that greed, corruption, and neo-colonialism are the main reasons why Africa is lagging behind the rest of the world despite its God-given natural resources. We are all too familiar with the fact that Africans were being enslaved and stripped of their dignity for over 400 years by the Arabs and then the Europeans, they were then colonised after slavery was ended and after independence, we saw a spate of wars and power struggles within these divided African countries.

Though it is not a fair assessment to compare African countries to other developed countries in the world like the USA, China, UK or Germany, we can however set the benchmark by comparing African countries to each other and assessing how well they are doing relative to each other since their histories are very similar.

Focusing on Sub-Saharan countries, we see how countries like Ghana and Senegal are doing very well in the west of Africa, Kenya and Tanzania in the East, Botswana, Rwanda, Namibia in the south are all making huge strides and have taken bold steps to transform their countries after years of hardships and struggles. The gap between these countries I have mentioned above and others, like my country of birth Sierra Leone, is widening ever so much. Greed, corruption, lack of foresight and neo-colonisation is still inherent in most of these underperforming African countries, Sierra Leone included.

Sierra Leone is a country where corruption is an acceptable form of governance, some Sierra Leonean openly boast on social media that corruption is a way of life and cannot be avoided. Many people see politics as a way to get rich, corrupt ministers act with impunity, the anti-corruption commission in the country is toothless bulldog that preys on soft targets instead of pursuing those who are actually ripping off the country.

Sierra Leone and other under-performing African countries should find the solution to the pretty fast or else they will be drifting further and further away from the others and the brain drain will continue. Establishment of the structures and practice of good governance, curb and frown on greed and corruption, setting up processing plants within the country to process the raw mineral resources are some of the bold steps we can adopt and learn from countries like Ghana and Botswana, two African countries that do seem to be winning the battle for good government.

What was it, I wanted to know, that they have got right. What could we all learn from them? The esteemed journalist Sorious Samura from Sierra Leone goes to find out. See his documentary which I have re-titled Good Governance, Ending Greed, and Corruption in African countries. A Case study – Ghana and Botswana. Link to documentary video

Charles Hubbard is a tech. engineer by profession with a passion for social engineering for positive change, tennis, and travel. He is a self-employed with a registered technology solutions consultancy company in Hong Kong. He is passionate about technologies for developing countries with interest in Open Data and strategic partnerships for improving education in Africa.

He has over 16 years of corporate experience in telecommunications and consultancy in technology solutions having worked for telecoms giants WorldCom, MCI and Verizon Business in the UK and at the Verizon Wireless Innovation Centre in San Francisco, USA.



About Juma Bah

Mamadu Juma Bah, is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Makoni Times News Medium. He is a freelance Communication strategist and a Community Engagement expert . He is also a Political Commentator and a Social Justice Advocate. Juma is a key figure and well respected within the Sierra Leonean Diaspora Community in both the United Kingdom and United States of America. Juma holds a Masters of Science Degree in Development Studies from London South Bank University, UK

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