Moseray Fadika’s Trust Fund Refutes “The Brief Case, Credit Card Saga”


Freetown, 2nd September 2016.






The Moseray Fadika Trust is particularly concerned about the unfounded and completely incorrect news being published by clueless individuals and certain media outlets, irresponsibly alleging that Ambassador Gibril Santigie Moseray Fadika’s briefcase and bank cards were stolen; and that there is a family fight over his estate or properties.


These reports are not true, but mere fabrication of lies. These reports have done nothing but use lies and myths to target the family and cast a dark shadow on the Fadika family during our time of bereavement.


The Moseray Fadika Trust can confirm that it has not recorded any reports that Ambassador Fadika’s briefcase and bank cards were stolen. And there is no evidence of any alleged family fight over his estate.


Ambassador Fadika arrived in London on the 29 July 2016 to launch his campaign for the All Peoples Congress (APC) Party leadership and President of Sierra Leone and to participate in a charity event for children and other activities organised by the Sierra Leonean community in the United Kingdom. Whilst in the United Kingdom, Ambassador Fadika was able to participate in a number of events. 

On the 2nd August 2016, Ambassador Fadika first visited the hospital. After several tests and medical consultations, the doctors advised that Ambassador Fadika was well; hence he was not required to be admitted. It should be noted that Ambassador Fadika always used to seek medical attention and consult with specialist doctors, as he was a very meticulous and detailed personality.  

On the 7th August 2016, Ambassador Fadika became unwell. He was immediately taken to the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel, where he was admitted. 


Ambassador Fadika’s elder sister – Marie Fadika, relatives, friends and staff were with him throughout this period of seeking medical support.




When Ambassador Fadika was admitted to the hospital, his wife and daughter based in the United States of America immediately travelled to London. Unfortunately, Ambassador Fadika had passed away, by the time they arrived in London.

Ambassador Fadika died peacefully at the Royal London Hospital on the 7th August 2016. The doctors officially communicated the sad news of Ambassador Fadika’s death to his elder sister, who was present at the hospital at the time.

Contrary to baseless claims being peddled by certain media outlets and individuals, Ambassador Fadika was not admitted before the event on Friday 5th August 2016 and reports that he left the hospital to attend the event are untrue and misleading. 

The Moseray Fadika Trust wishes to make it categorically clear that these mischievous innuendoes and media reports are false and purely designed to target the family. This recent pattern is all the more worrisome in light of certain media outlets’ decision to negatively use the Fadika name on news headline to achieve a pecuniary advantage to fulfill their selfish ends. 


We therefore dismiss the numerous articles, op-eds, reports, editorials and social media comments falsely disseminating the idea that Ambassador Fadika’s briefcase and bank cards were stolen and that the Fadika family is at war with itself. 


The Fadika family unambiguously rebukes the attitude of certain section of the media towards the family. The Fadika family has a wonderful relationship with the media and has been accessible to them at all times. There is no reason for this invasive and inhumane behaviour by certain section of the media.


The Moseray Fadika Trust requests that all media running these discourteous commentaries refrain from doing so. The family is very peaceful and there is no battle whatsoever. All properties belonging to Ambassador Fadika are well-secured and in safe hands.

The subsequent harassment that the family and friends of Ambassador Fadika are being subjected to by certain media outlets has caused significant distress. We hope that all the false information regarding his death and other allegations will be corrected.


We would like to join the Fadika family to thank the nation and people across the world for their messages of comfort and support and request that the family’s privacy, dignity and time of mourning be respected.









The Moseray Fadika Trust is a non-profit organisation focused on memory, grassroots engagement and legacy work, founded by Ambassador Moseray Fadika. 


We are the custodian of his life and times; we are a committed advocate and facilitator of his living legacy; and we are mandated to promote his lifelong vision of creating jobs, eradicating poverty and equality for all: We Are Born Poor, We Must Not Die Poor. 


We shall continue with the work of the Moseray Fadika Trust to help the people to whom he dedicated his life and service – those most vulnerable and in need. 





Communications and Policy Department

Moseray Fadika Trust (MFT) 

Headquarters (Address):

17 Muctarr Drive, 

Off Regent Road, Lumley 

Freetown, Sierra Leone

Phone (direct): 

+232 78845765

+232 757275


+232 99368740


About Patric Foryoh

Patric Foryoh Daboh is a blogger, Political, social activist,a satirist and co-founder & Co Editor of Makoni Times Newspaper based in United States of America. He studied Multimedia in the United States.He has met and interviewed personalities including Former vice-president of Sierra Leone Alhaji Sam Sumana, late Tamba Sam SLPP Secretary General , Gloria Strasser , David Tam Mbayoh , Agibu Jalloh, Chernor Bah, Murtala Mohamed , Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray, J. Arr, Nasser Ayoub, Alpha Timbo, Robin Farley, Bai Mahmoud, and many more. Patric has produced the "Diolog" show at the TPN radio and was the social media correspondent for TPN . He has appeared on numerous daily newspapers publication in Sierra Leone. He blogs at Sierra Leone one man civil society blog on relationship, sex, marriage, faith & culture, politics, religion. He was the programming manager at Mamba TV. Patric Foryoh was named as the 54 Most Influential People in Sierra Leone by Swit Patric Foryoh represents the new wave of new voices in Sierra Leone/Africa media who are breaking boundaries and charting new territories. He is a husband and a father of a son and a daughter.

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