​The banning of FGM in Nigeria and why Sierra Leone should be next

By Tibo Rogers.
The banning of FGM in Nigeria is a massive welcome news especially for a country with many dynamics and socio-cultural mix. Sierra Leone I would urge should follow Nigeria’s lead in sub-Sahara Africa in outlawing a cultural practice that has no relevance in the 21st century.
The common ‘belief’ associated with FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) is that it ‘reduces the female sexual urge’ thus preventing female promiscuity. Such assumptions I submit, are baseless and retrogressive thinking.
Indeed, preserving progressive cultures are essential in ensuring younger and unborn generations are handed down socio-cultural tools and characteristics of societies needed to foster enlightenment and traditions that empower humanity especially woman. Cultures and traditions are never static but have evolved over  generations and centuries. Meaning, societies have abandoned certain aspects of cultural practices deemed dangerous especially if it endangers and disempower some category of society which FGM does. 
It is imperative to note; I’m not arguing for our societies to abandon certain unique cultural traits, such as food, cultural dance/music, folktales, ‘traditional marriage ceremonies’, extended family systems, chieftaincy, local court systems (that adjudicate and settle local disputes) in local communities. I’m however of the view that ‘we’ should abandon certain aspects of our cultural practices like FGM which is dangerous and only subjugates women and perpetuates male masculinity/ dominance. Such 10th century cultural practices I argue, has no relevance in the the 21st century.

About Patric Foryoh

Patric Foryoh Daboh is a blogger, Political, social activist,a satirist and co-founder & Co Editor of Makoni Times Newspaper based in United States of America. He studied Multimedia in the United States.He has met and interviewed personalities including Former vice-president of Sierra Leone Alhaji Sam Sumana, late Tamba Sam SLPP Secretary General , Gloria Strasser , David Tam Mbayoh , Agibu Jalloh, Chernor Bah, Murtala Mohamed , Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray, J. Arr, Nasser Ayoub, Alpha Timbo, Robin Farley, Bai Mahmoud, and many more. Patric has produced the "Diolog" show at the TPN radio and was the social media correspondent for TPN . He has appeared on numerous daily newspapers publication in Sierra Leone. He blogs at Sierra Leone one man civil society blog on relationship, sex, marriage, faith & culture, politics, religion. He was the programming manager at Mamba TV. Patric Foryoh was named as the 54 Most Influential People in Sierra Leone by Swit Salone.com Patric Foryoh represents the new wave of new voices in Sierra Leone/Africa media who are breaking boundaries and charting new territories. He is a husband and a father of a son and a daughter.

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